On 02-May, 2024 StairBiz version 9.95.7 240502 was released.
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Existing Clients
# File Version Size Comments
1 Full Installation 9.95.7 240502 26.4mb This file is the full installation for StairBiz and contains everything you need to get started
4 Update Installation 9.95.7 240502 7.07mb This is the partial installation to bring an existing StairBiz installation up to date with the latest release.
6 3D Patch 1.0 14kb Users running StairBiz on the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and greater may have trouble with photo quality renderings in the 3D window. Follow the instructions on this page to fix that problem.
# File Version Size Comments
7 Users Manual 990.docx 9.9.0 1.91mb
8 Users Manual CNC 990.docx 9.9.0 629kb
9 User Manual Custom Editor.docx 9.9.0 145kb
# File Version Size Comments
10 Brochure 1.24mb Download a brochure showing the main features of StairBiz.
11 EULA Download the StairBiz End User License Agreement. Use of StairBiz indicates your agreement with all terms and conditions contained in this agreement.
12 TeamViewer 15.2mb Run TeamViewer when directed by a support person. Be sure you don't already have TeamViewer running. Give your User Id and Password to the support person.