What Does StairBiz Do: ESTIMATING



Estimating is an optional module in StairBiz. Most of our clients use it.


StairBiz can automatically calculate material costs, labour costs,overheads (operational fixed costs), client discounts, profit, GST, client payments (automatically based on normal or client-specificterms of trade) etc. for each job you design. No other stair program has the in-built power and flexibility of StairBiz when it come to estimating. It is totally dedicated to stair manufacturing from the ground up. It just does the job very well, without fuss.


"Estimating of the jobs has been the area where we have found StairBiz to be of greatest help to us. It allows one person to do the job of many. I wish all my investments could pay dividends like StairBiz!"


stairbiz-estimating-material-costs stairbiz-estimating-quote-calculation

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Estimating in StairBiz takes you zero time. Whenever you make a change to the design, the costing is instantly and automatically updated. There is nothing for you to do.




We have a large client who routinely recommends StairBiz to his competitors. When I asked him why, he said, “I know I can beat them on efficiency and purchasing power, but I can’t compete with them when they keep selling jobs at what I know is a loss for their company”. We know from our experience in this industry that many stair manufacturers sell some types of work with good margins and other types at a loss. The trouble is that many don’t know which is which. With StairBiz you will know, exactly.




It doesn’t matter which method you currently use (from the very simple to the extremely detailed) StairBiz is flexible enough to cost your jobs exactly the way you want. This includes both materials and labour. You can even have multiple costing systems and can switch between systems with the click of a mouse. You can set up different costing systems for different contractors, and even have StairBiz create each contractor’s invoice to you. Once you set up the costing defaults for your business, all costing is one automatically for every new job you create. Even if you create a new stair never before seen, StairBiz will apply your costing filters to this new situation, seamlessly and with no fuss. You can manually override most aspects of your automatic costing, if ever you need to.