Everyone does their specs differently, so it has taken many years of consultation with the industry to get it right for you. StairBiz will specify, in drawings and lists, everything about the stair and balustrading as designed - from cutting lists and bills of materials (BOMs) to full detailed drawings of string setouts, string glue-ups, tread, winder and bullnose tread setouts and their glue-ups, newel turnings and newel trenching setouts, head-heights, just to name a few. All according to your own production standards.


"In the past six months since purchasing StairBiz our bidding process has gone from 100 percent hand written paperwork to 95 percent computer output and this should be at 100 percent very soon."


stairbiz-cutting-list stairbiz-string-glue-ups stairbiz-newel

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Nothing more to do:


Specification in StairBiz takes you zero time. Whenever you make a change to the design, the specification is instantly and automatically updated. Nothing for you to do.


Any way you do it:


Whether you use timber from your rack, parts from a supplier, or any sort of weird and wonderful combination of these methods, StairBiz accurately generates a full and detailed cutting list and BOM, including descriptions, materials, part SKU numbers (where appropriate) and exact widths, thicknesses and lengths.


The way you’ve always done it:


There are 18 standard specification sheets for any job, plus you can have any number of custom reports that you can create yourself (we have one client with 70 of them – we haven’t quite worked out what they do with them all!). So your cutting lists and job sheets can be identical to the one’s you currently use – except that StairBiz generates them automatically for each job. Your people out in the factory don’t have to get used to new ways of receiving the information they need.