What Does StairBiz Do: DESIGN



StairBiz designs the stair (or stairs), stair balustrading and well balustrading. This includes both traditional and modern designs. You can design the way you’ve always done it. All the details are set up to suit you. You have full control whenever you want it, otherwise it’s mostly automatic.




StairBiz will (on average) design around 95% of all your jobs completely, the way you want them. Of the remaining 5%, StairBiz will go most the way towards it, with perhaps some additional manual tweaking required. We believe this is a much better result than from others in this industry. Note that full CAD is the only software tool that will do 100% of your stairs, but the downside is hours per job, and it only does design. With StairBiz it’s minutes, and design is just the start.




A strong feature of StairBiz is the intuitiveness of the designing process. Everything is ‘what you see is what you get”. If you want to change a dimension, simply click on that dimensions and type the new dimension. This makes designing a pleasant experience for you, the user. We believe this is unique to StairBiz.




Most stairs will take you just two or three minutes to design. We have high-production clients (hundreds of stairs per week). We have low-production clients (a few stairs per week). Either way they don’t have time to muck around with software – they just want to get the work out.

So StairBiz was developed as a “work-horse” - it just loves to grind out jobs quickly and with a minimum of fuss, day after day. It has taken many years of development to get it this way. You get the benefit.


stairbiz-stair-design stairbiz-stair-design

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“StairBiz provided us with both best of breed and best of technology from early on in the search for software applications.”




The following shows just a few examples of the flexibility of StairBiz. Every one of these stairs took no longer than a minute to design, and once designed are fully and automatically costed, fully spec’d (and ready for CNC if you have one). Once designed you can create a stair template so that next time it takes just a click.


stairbiz-stair-head-height stairbiz-circular-stair stairbiz-dog-leg-stair stairbiz-stair-s stairbiz-stair-bullnose stairbiz-stair-partial-circular stairbiz-stair-dimensions stairbiz-stair-well-ballustrade

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“Unlike most stair software, StairBiz does not have design “modules” that cost you extra for each different stair configuration (a nasty ‘surprise’ for the unwary). All stairs (shown in this brochure or otherwise) are derived from our two basic ‘units’ (straight and corner), which come standard with the base StairBiz program.”


You might not routinely build many of these stairs, but the flexibility required to create them will always come in handy for what you do build. Note that anyone can do a pretty picture, but StairBiz is very strong on the construction details (YOUR details).


stairbiz-stair-parallel-bowed-nosings stairbiz-stair-u-shape stairbiz-stair-bullnose-tread stairbiz-stair-bowed-nosings stairbiz-stair-curved-nosings stairbiz-stair-t-stairs stairbiz-stair-angled stairbiz-stair-nosing-angled

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